Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The BBC News Site Needs 'Hide' Buttons

Next to every article on the BBC News sites there should be a little unobtrusive button that enables you to hide articles you've either already read, or don't want to see.

That way, once you've read news and hidden it, other news you haven't read yet could appear to take its place. Also, I wouldn't have to read, "Severed human head found in field" every time I load the damn page!

It would then need a little button somewhere on the page saying, "click here to view hidden articles".

It would just need to be associated with your cookie and / or your site login (as they have one for their Have Your Say section).

OK so the above would be quite database-heavy, but it would also bring the site into the 21st Century. Also sites like Digg and Reddit manage it. Plus articles would only need to be hidden for, say, 72 hours, because after that point they'll be automatically buried by newer news. That way the site database wouldn't get larger and larger ad infinitum.

I have spoken.


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