Friday, November 21, 2008

In London for the Weekend

I'm in London for the weekend, staying at an easyHotel. Unfortunately I managed to book my room for 21st - 24th November 2009, which made a bit of a mess of things. I blame their site interface.

I was able to cancel (FOR A TEN POUND FEE), and rebook only tonight (FOR MORE MONEY). But tomorrow night is fully booked. After a bit of umming and ahhhing I have booked into another easyHotel for the next two nights (FOR EVEN MORE LOTS OF MONEY). They only had "special needs" rooms left, so they should suit me FINE.

Now I go there tomorrow to drop my baggage off.

Also, if you want to stay at the easyHotel in Earl's Court, there's a very pretty girl who works there called Nicola. Remember her to me. I'm the one who booked his hotel accidentally a year in the future. She'll remember.



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