Friday, August 08, 2008

Chaiyya Chaiyya

I'd love to see actors and actresses from Hollywood performing a dance routine on the roof of a moving train. But of course it would never be allowed. :-)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Don't. Even. Mess.

All the different versions are listed here. I can't listen to the samples at work, so will have to research tonight!


15 Years!

So, back in 1993 Whiskas ran an advertising campaign, promoting their association with Waltham Laboratories, who help them produce their catfood. I immediately loved the music from this advert, and for the last 15 years have been trying to track it down.

Unfortunately, my copy of the music (recorded from the advert) was lost YEARS ago, so I haven't even been able to play the tune to people to see if they recognise it.

Well now someone has uploaded the advert to YouTube, so I'm hoping that I will now be able to find out what it is and who it's by. Of course it's possible that it was created specifically for the advert and so I won't be able to track it down. Here's hoping though!

I have emailed Masterfoods, who make Whiskas, to ask them about it. This is the third time I've emailed them, but now I'm going to hassle them repeatedly about it.

I've also played it to the Shazam music identification engine, to no avail. :-(