Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Got A Lovely New Sofa

My mum wants me to point out that the photo doesn't do justice to the colour though. :-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Too Late!

They processed the cancellation by phone, but then didn't check the email account until the following day, so it's actually cancelled now...

No PC fodddr me. :-(

Still No PC!

Mesh are crap.

At least their customer service is. Shockingly so.

So I still don't have my PC. A week last Friday I phoned them and asked when it would be delivered. The guy said that they were expecting a batch of processors in on Monday (last Monday), and that the machine is fully built apart from the processor, so that means that I should have it by last Friday.

On Monday I rang them again, just to check everything was going to plan. The processors hadn't turned up, but were still expected "early in the week". Obviously the guy denied that anyone could have told me that the processors would be here on Monday, because they were only ever expected early in the week. Still, he assured me that they should be here by the Tuesday, then my machine would spend a couple of days in Quality Control, and should be shipped towards the end of the week, so I should have it Friday-ish. More or less.

On Thursday, having received no email from them, I phoned them up to check that everything was going to plan. I was again told that I'd been misled. Sure, the processors had been delivered - 50 of them - but as they have a queue of orders trailing back to early March, all of those processors were already allocated, so there wasn't one for my machine. I asked when I would get one and he chuckled and said he didn't know.

I then cancelled my order, which he said I had to confirm by email. To be honest I think that actually meant that he didn't want to have to deal with the cancellation himself, so if I emailed then someone else would pick it up and deal with it. After emailing them I started to shop around for a different machine, but after half an hour of doing this I decided that, no, there was no other machine I wanted; that one is just perfect in every way. So I emailed them again to ask them to reverse the cancellation, and just hurry my machine along.

When I sent the cancellation email, I asked for a confirmation email to be sent to me - none came. When I reversed the cancellation I also asked for a confirmation email to be sent to me - none came.

I've no doubt my machine will make it to me eventually. I'm about to ring them again for their next wholly dishonest update. The thing I'm left wondering is - assuming when my machine arrives that it's absolutely fantastic and beautiful and wonderful, would I recommend them to friends as a good company to get their next PC from?

PCs good. Customer service as bad as I've ever experienced.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Isn't it BEAUTIFUL outside?

I am in SUCH a good mood today.

And I've just had a double-espresso. SORRY, DOPPIO ESPRESSO! And I flirted with the woman who sold it to me.

Not very well, but at least I tried!

What have you ever done, eh?

I'm also working hard, ordering a laptop for a woman called Geraldine, taunting my niece on MSN and wondering why ... nothing!


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Chuck Love & Reverend Wright - White Friends

Original video, for context.

Friday, May 02, 2008

How ARE You?

Fusilli, how are you?
So if there's one conversation I have at least once or twice a day at work, and absolutely hate, it's the following...

Generic Work Person - Hi David, how are you?

David - I'm good, how are you doing?

Generic Work Person - I'm good, you?

I feel like asking...

"Why would you ask me how I am for a second time? That just doesn't make any sense. Don't you realise it was you who asked me how I was at the start of this conversation? I then did the polite thing, told you I was good and reciprocated with the 'how are you?' question. The least you could have done would have been to uphold your side of the bargain and just confirm that you're OK, so the conversation can move on to more important business. But no, you had to reveal the unspoken yet universally known truth that your initial 'how are you?' was a lie, a falsity, a social 'nicety' with no depth or substance to it whatsoever; no caring, no human connection. To you I'm just a voice on the end of the phone that you contact to get things you need, and you've learned somewhere that you have to do the awkward little 'how are you?' dance before you can ask for what you really want. And you can't even get that right.

I bet you live your whole life like that; just a series of unreal conversations with no truth or meaning to them. Is your marriage like that too? Are your conversations with your partner that you profess to love and adore actually just a set of pre-determined stimuli and responses? And your children too? Have you ever truly connected with anyone? I very much hope you have, but sadly doubt it.

Now, you're after the quarterly performance trackers aren't you, Steve?"