Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yes, Cute Kittens. Got a Problem With That?

WHAT a Knackering Weekend! Cont...

Right I've had my wee so, as promised, just finishing off this post.

So yeah, the support act was one of those wispy, "oh I'm singing from my soul. Well not really, but I'm singing what I think sounds like I'm singing from my soul, but is actually pretentious bollocks" singer-songwriters. Over the years I've become less and less tolerant of these. I want to see SPARK and GENIUS when I see people perform live, and if it's just not there, I get impatient.

Now, the actual Madeleine Peyroux concert was an interesting mix of terrific songs and appalling sound quality. I don't know what the 1970s, wood panelled auditorium is usually used for, but it really didn't work for full-warm jazz sounds. All of the tones were extremely mid-range; there was no warm dum-dum-dum bass sounds as needed, and no crisp high hats and cymbals on the drums. This was kinda distracting.

After the show, we got back on the train and headed home again, getting in extremely late. The whole weekend really took it out of me. I really need to ensure I have at least one day on the weekend allocated to doing nothing, or at least next to nothing. Or at least not travelling or staying up late.


Mesh Computers

Mesh Computers' Faces Are Covered With Sores
So as you may or may not be aware, on returning from Italy / France last week, I found my PC to have DIED! I staggered into my flat, exhausted after 36 hours on trains to the sound of beeping, and when I smelled my PC (as you do) I detected a fusion of oak, summer berries and the gentle odour of burned motherboard.

So I ordered a new one. This was last Wednesday at 7.10pm. As I went through the ordering process, I was a little concerned by the fact that nowhere was I informed how long it would take for the machine to be built and shipped to me - slightly lame and unprofessional I thought. And indeed, almost a week later, I still haven't been told.

The evening I ordered it, I dropped them an email asking what the standard turnaround is for delivery, and how long they anticipate my machine taking to ship. They never replied.

The following day they sent me a standard automated email telling me that I can track the status of my order through their website, by logging on. Unfortunately I didn't have a log in for their site, as this wasn't required when I ordered through Google Checkout. So I emailed them back saying, a) login WTF?, and b) when will I get my PC?. They then replied with login details, and ignored the question about how long my PC will be.

Oh how I love it when you email companies with more than one question, and they answer just one of them.

So, on Friday just gone I emailed them again saying, ""Hello, I've emailed you three times now to ask for an ETA on the delivery of my machine. Nothing on your site details standard turnaround times, and I don't know if you will contact me if there's any kind of delay in building my machine due to shortages of parts etc. Please let me know." It's now Tuesday and I've heard diddly squat.

So today, I've emailed them for the FOURTH time saying, "Hello!!! 4th email asking this now! WHAT IS THE STATUS OF MY ORDER? WHEN WILL I GET MY PC? Hugs! David".

Maybe that'll do it. Maybe it won't.

I have heard ... elsewhere ... that they do aim for a <14 day turnaround, subject to cleared funds. Obviously, being the type of company they are, they took the £1,128.26 from my card pretty much as soon as I'd placed my order. This means that I should have my PC by next Wednesday at the latest. If only I could be sure!

Now I'm not too surprised by all the above. Most large PC manufacturers are famous for their appalling customer service - Dell, for example - and indeed having read reviews of Mesh across the web, I'm not sure I've come across so many stories of their disrespecting customers. I just hope that, when the PC arrives it is the horses, and I'll be able to put the memory of their sheer incompetence as a company behind me.

Hugs :-)


Oh hello! You're all still here? Sorry, I got caught up elsewhere for a bit!

So, every few weeks or so I have an idea for a website I could create. A couple of these have come to fruition.

Loose Change - Unfortunately this is shutting down in a couple of weeks. It's never been that active, and as the domain is expiring soon, I decided to just let it die.

The Tao of Kids' TV - This is going very well at the moment, with nearly two and a half thousand active users. All I need to do is double that number and have matched Jesus when he fed the five thousand!

Yesterday in bed I came up with an idea for a site. I read the BBC News day in day out, and recently have found myself getting a bit depressed about the sheer amount of bad news on it. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if there was a site that only delivered good news? Now I'm not talking about sugary sweet stories of children winning awards, and cute dogs saving cute cats from burning buildings, but rather just not the negatively slanted "oh look, another awful thing just happened. let's talk about it for AGES, and scaremonger everyone into frantic despair" approach of most of the media.

Now, as one should when someone has an idea for a new website, I investigated to find out if anyone else had beaten me to it. They had...

Happy News - "Real News, Compelling Stories, Always Positive"

The Good News Network - Nope, not a site promoting the word of our "Lord Baby Jesus".

So I'm kinda happy to find these. Now, I guess realistically, I can't see myself using these as my only source of information about what's going on in the world, but I think they're going to make some interesting reading.