Saturday, February 24, 2007

Today I Met a Person With a Name

So, just a week or two after meeting my un-named great niece, I now have a great-nephew. This one was spawned by a different niece, and this one has a name.

So I give you Kamarie Jaylen Smith!

Now I know what you're thinking, "Isn't Kamarie very close to Kumari, which means girl or daughter in Hindi and various other languages in the Indian subcontinent, and therefore an inappropriate name for a boy?" Well I see what your saying, but according to my niece, the answer is, "shut up, woteva", and you can't argue with such a cogent argument really.

Laughing Babies!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

She Eats

Jana arrived at work at 8am this morning. By 10am she had eaten 1 teacake, a tuna baguette and a bacon, mushroom and tomato sandwich. My attention was drawn to this by the rest of the cafe staff who were aghast at her capacity for eatage.

I know what you're thinking: ew, how could she possibly eat tuna and bacon? Dirty stinking meat eater! And of course, you're right. But what's confusing is how slender she remains with this appetite.

I wonder if her love of food walks hand in hand with a love of 'the larger gentleman'. She does, after all, stare at me a lot, but that's with the same confused expression that she stares at her computer screen with. Also, when I'm aware she's staring, I tend to adopt my collection of casual, nonchalant, "looking cool" poses and facial expressions, but these are quite hard to maintain as I tend to constantly sabotage them by being awkward, chalant (?) and not particularly cool.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Today I Met a Person With No Name...

She is my yet to be named new great-niece, the follow-up to the last one, Sapphire.

I took 3 photos of her. The first two I had the flash turned on, so it flashed right in her baby-human eyes, which she didn't look too impressed at (well, actually all she did was close her baby-human eyes), and they came out crap. This one is the best of the bunch, with her lying in her father's arms.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Doggies. That. Talk.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I Find This URL Really Funny...

Now it's not the contents, more the existance of "" then it having a folder within it called "beer-pictures" and then its image file to be have the words "beer-pictures" in it.


One to Watch - Cure for AIDS?

Soooo, the president of Gambia; one Yahya Jammeh, has declared that he can cure AIDS through the use of herbs that are taken orally and applied to the body. In response, the rest of the world has replied with "What??? No you can't! Prove it! He's behind you!"

So at the moment the president is testing these herbs on some AIDS sufferers who are apparently putting on weight and generally improving. They are then going to be tested and he says that they will be HIV negative. Of course the world will then respond with, "Oh yeah, sure! Like we're going to believe your test results. Let us have a go!"

So basically it's all going to end up going one of two ways:

1. President Jammeh has successfully cured AIDS and the world will enter a whole new age of herbal medicine, with no more AIDS.

2. President Jammeh is going to look a bit stupid.

Now I would love him to be right and for Western medicine to have it's hat of interminable arrogance knocked off, but I'm afraid that my money's on option 2.

He also says he can cure asthma.