Friday, March 31, 2006

Another Strange Email Interaction

Yesterday I send the following email to the nice people at


I think your "Mens Evisu Striped High neck shirt" might be




Today I received the following reply:

Certainly is.

Thanks for letting us know.

The Labeljunkies Team.


You'll note that if you actually go to the site and look (click here to do so) they haven't even updated the price!

Is it just me?

Thursday, March 30, 2006


OK, for those of you who've never seen one, this is what a great-niece should look like:
And don't tell me you don't want to suck on her face!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Paypal - Oh Joy of Joys

So, I tried to buy a pair of shoes on eBay yesterday, but when I clicked the "Pay" button within Paypal I just got a screen saying "Transaction Cancelled". I sent Paypal the following message:

Form Message
customer subject: Transaction Cancelled?
customer message: Additional Information:


I have tried 3 times to make a payment for an eBay item (no.
9302991225). When I click "Pay" on the page where I select the funding
source and enter a message to the seller, it just comes up with
"Transaction Cancelled" and no explanation.

Please could you let me know why this is happening? I've tried changing
the funding source from my bank account to my credit card, but it
doesn't help.



And this morning I received the following response from Paypal:

Dear David Tomlinson,

Thank you for contacting PayPal, my name is Jevon and I am happy to
assist you today.

I suggest that you use PayPal to pay for your eBay items that you have
won. I am sorry for the inconvenience and confusion it might have cause
you. I hope I was able to help you resolve the issue. If you have
further issues regarding your account please do not hesitate to contact
us and we will be glad to be of service to you.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.

PayPal European Services
PayPal, an eBay Company



Monday, March 20, 2006

Learning All About A Maya Family Tree

So, I've been in the recording studio for the last two days, and it's been exhausting!

I have recorded a song I wrote about 2 years ago, called Home. I intended to record 2 songs, but as is oft the way in recording studios, time ran away with us and after eleven hours I had but one song finished and the other barely begun.

Anyhoo, you can download / listen to the tune here. I've also included a version without my main vocals for you sing-a-long types (you can pretend to be me!), and a fully instrumental version for ... erm ... Graham.

Anyhoo, check it out, check it out, check it ou. I'm about 85 - 90% happy with it. It needs a little tweaking, but is good.

Dave Lawrence - Home

How long must I skip to the rhythm?
Seek out the new, always find the old with 'em
If I give you my all will you say I'm forgiven
Or must I find my own way home

I went to a temple on a mountain high
They taught me to lie and they taught me to cry
Then they threw my out with mud in my eye
So I left to find my own way home

I met a sannyasi by a forest stream
He taught me to feel and he taught me to dream
But I looked within but couldn't find the Supreme
So I left to find my own way home

How long must I skip to the rhythm?
Seek out the new, always find the old with 'em
If I give you my all will you say I'm forgiven
Or must I find my own way home?

I met a young woman by a banyan tree
She said that she would love me indefinitely
We lasted sixty years and then she died on me
I've got to find my own way home

I met an old man he said "listen here...
Try some of this", and he gave me a beer
So I lived by the bottle for fifty years
And left to find my own way...
I'm going home

I went down to the sand and watched the sea
Thought about the way things used to be
I wish the waves would carry me
To the place I used to call my home

There's a voice I hear when I'm on the shore
Or stop for a second with my hand on the door
It's a voice I've heard a million times before
And I know it's come to guide me...
I'm going home

How long must I skip to the rhythm?
Seek out the new, always find the old with 'em
If I give you my all will you say I'm forgiven
Or must I find my own way home?

I went to the home of a lady in white
She showed me the light and she told me what's right
We stayed up talking till the end of the night
I think I've found my own way home

I'm learning all about my family tree
With half a million other searchers like me
Do I think it's right? Well definitely
I went and found my own way home
I went and found my own way home
OK, you came and took me home

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Song of the Day - Dan Reeder - Clean Elvis

OK, so if you haven't heard him yet, Dan Reeder is a genius.

This is the last track from his album, but if you haven't heard either Food and Pussy or Work Song then there's something very very wrong in your life.

Dan Reeder - Clean Elvis

I inject pure kryptonite into my brain.
It improves my kung fu, and it eases the pain.
During acceleration, when the pedal hits the floor,
This thing burns nitroglycerine and powdered C4.

And I will always love you.

I drive a modified T-series Lola.
It's kinda heavy, but I like the feel.
When I say "Vietnam" it sounds just like "Coca-Cola".
I believe most anything as long it's not real.

And I will always love you.

I battle aliens from outer space.
They got one eye right in the middle of their face.
I grab my laser gun. I know my place.
Somebody has to save the human race.

And I will always love you.

It seems hopeless but wouldn'cha know.
They got a weakness, and they let it show:
They can't jump, and they're a little bit slow.
When I say "World War Two", I mean the video.

And I, I, help me Elvis!
I, I, help me Elvis!
I, I, come on now, Elvis!

I can't help falling in love with you.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ivor Cutler - Dead at 83

It feels a little strange that I only discovered this guy last week, and now he's died at his home in Scotland.

His obituary in the Guardian can be found here.

Friday, March 03, 2006


I was just chatting with a couple of managers at my work when I happened to glance out of the window and see the cutest wiggly-walking fluffy-tailed happy dog walking down the road. This caused me to involuntarily gasp, which resulted in both of the managers looking out of the window to see what had startled me, and being a little confused to only see a wiggly-walking fluffy-tailed happy dog.

I pulled my best "yeah? and?" face, and they pulled their best "strange chap" faces and we agreed to settle out of court.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not Everything is Funny, But This Is!